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Comprehensive Skin Cancer Centre
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Initial skin cancer screening appointment!
Your initial skin cancer screening appointment!

If this is your first visit to one of our Skin Cancer Clinics we start by asking you fill out a questionnaire that will help us understand a bit about you. We will run through the Skin Cancer screening process with you and answer any questions. Initial screening is a manual examination conducted by one of our doctors. High resolution images are taken of anything that needs monitoring or treatment.

This service is 100% bulk billed
Evaluation and Futher Diadnosis!
Evaluation of your skin with Futher Diagnosis!

Depending on your skin type, condition and history you may be recommended a Mole Mapping procedure. This is a full body computerised scan that can be used to reference and measure any changes over time and is a great tool in the Skin Cancer Management Process. There is a small (Gap) fee of $60 for this service.
If no further attention is required, that is the end of the Skin Cancer Screening process. A follow up appointment can be made for 6 or 12 months' time.

Should there be an area that needs further investigation the images will be reviewed by the Doctor.
Skin Cancer treatment plan and follow up!
Your treatment plan after doctor assesment!

Based on the Doctors assessment they will recommend a course of action. There are several treatment possibilities for skin cancers ranging from applying topical creams to surgically removing the lesion straight away.

Again, any skin cancer treatment required is 100 % Bulk Billed

Initial skin cancer screening is non-invasive, painless and 100% Bulk Billed. It is conducted by a female nurse. Does not require removing underwear. It only takes a few minutes at one of our conveniently located Skin Cancer clinics.
Treatments are determined by specially trained Doctors according to circumstances and are all 100% bulk billed.

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