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What is a skin lesion?
The term “skin lesion” is a broad term that refers to any abnormality in the character of your skin.  A skin lesion is a part of the skin that has an abnormal growth or appearance compared to the skin surrounding it.

Examples of skin lesions:
  • Blister - fluid-filled lesion
  • Bulla - Fluid-filled lesion less than 5 mm in greatest dimension
  • Erosion - Loss of epidermis
  • Excoriation - Lesion of traumatic nature with epidermal loss in a generally linear shape
  • Lichenification  - Grossly thickened, leathery, hyperpigmented skin with hyperkeratosis and deep, widely-spaced skin markings
  • Macule - Flat circular area demarcated by colour from surrounding tissue
  • Nodule - Solid raised discrete lesion les than 5mm in diameter and depth
  • Onycholysis – Separation of the nail from the nailbed Papule - Solid raised discrete lesion 5 mm
  • Pedunculated - Attached to its base by a stalk-like structure
  • Plaque - Flat but elevated area, usually les than 5mm
  • Pustule - Small pus-filled elevated area of the skin with discrete borders
  • Ulceration- Loss of epidermis with partial-to-complete loss of dermis
  • Seborrheic - Related to excessive secretion of sebum
  • Sebum – Thick and greasy substance secreted by sebaceous glands that consists of fat and other cellular debris
  • Sessile - Attached directly to the skin by a broad base; not pedunculated
  • Vesicle - Fluid-filled lesion

Diagnosis of a skin lesion:
Most skin lesions are benign, but it is still important to have a proper examination and assessment by one of our doctors.
The accurate diagnosis of any skin lesion can be made by conducting a full physical exam and by taking a skin biopsy.

Treatment of skin lesions:
As there is such a wide variety of skin lesions, the treatment can be varied.  Treatment can range from applying a topical cream, surgery or laser treatment.

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